Where to get wholesale gemstone jewelry

Wholesale gemstone jewelry is jewelry that is sold to shops. It is on average more than half to two thirds of what the retail price would be for an item and the shops buy the jewellery in bulk/regularly.

With the advent of internet, shopping for jewellery has become more challenging. Yes there is more to selection but then this is also the case for your competitors.

JG Jewellers wholesales there gemstone jewellery to shop owners they have an excellent range of quality and rare crystal jewellery

At the wholesale section of their website you will find some excellent information to think about here is a excerpt:

# Gemstones in bezel settings will sell twice as well as stones in prawn settings. # Bezel setting holds gemstones better than prawn settings (no risk of gemstones popping out).# Some types of radium silver treatment may prevent tarnishing but makes the silver look cheap. # Stones that are not natural look good and sell fairly well but there comes a point where you simply don't enjoy selling it (there is a something special about gemstones that are made by nature).# Jewellery that have two gems together are becoming more popular.

For information about buying wholesale gemstone jewelry from JG Jewellers Click here.

If are not a shop and are wanting jewellery at wholesale prices then we recommend that you have a look at the clearance section of JG Jewellers...

For jewelry at wholesale prices.