Pink Opal - Information about the stone and jewellery

Pink Opal is a natural gemstone that comes from only one place in the world and that place in Peru. This pretty stone does not have the "play of colour" that most people associate with precious opals.

For Opal to have the flashes of colour a series of events need to occur during its formation so that the tiny silica spheres that make up Opal have aligned so that the spheres are uniformed and form a dimensional structure grid (imagine how ballbearings would look in a bucket).

When there is no alignment of uniform silica spheres it is still considered Opal (or Opalite) but there is no flash of colour and therefore called common Opal or what most people in the opal industry would 'potch' - 95% of the opal found in Australia is common opal.

The Opal that we are talking about here is know locally as "pink andean opal" and is actually silicified palygorskite. It does have a minor amount of silica (opal) so this is why it is known to us as Pink Opal - For marketing purpuses it sounds nicer than palygorskite :-).

  • Here is a picutre of the stone in it rough form
  • There are 4 names that the stone is known by, the other 3 names are angelskin opal, Pink Andes Opal and Andean opal.
  • The blue opal that comes from the same region is colored naturally by chrysocolla inclusions
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Location: There is a Copper mine in the far northern Arequipa Area of Peru, outside the mine is the source of the pink "Andean opal".

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Click here to find jewellery like the above picture

Click here to find jewellery like the above picture

Click here to find jewellery like the above picture


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